the most convoluted way to elect

much has been written about the electoral college, more so since the contested 2000 election. it actually was a good idea at the time it was created: it spared governments and voters the great trouble of a runoff election in the event that no candidate achieved a majority, in an era when late-year travel was slow and difficult and the populous was mostly rural. but its usefulness has long since passed. Not achieving a majority is unlikely due to the 2 party system, but if need be a runoff could be done; other countries have them as a matter of course.

another issue is that the system is unfair: it gives small (in population, like wyoming) state voters undue electoral power. this is undeniably undemocratic. but the worst of it isn’t even part of the constitution: it’s the winner-take-all method that almost all states employ to assign their electors. this has 2 effects: it maximizes disenfranchisement of voters by obliterating the vote of (literal) minority voters, and it creates “safe” and “swing” states in which a state’s voters either get too much attention (and money) from campaigns or none at all.

let’s put this antiquated creation to rest and amend the constitution to a direction popular vote in which every voter’s choice has equal weight.


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